Tripping on Injury Prevention

by Paulette Dolin, GCFP

One of my new students asked me how doing Feldenkrais® lessons would help in daily life. Among the benefits of doing Awareness Through Movement® lessons, injury prevention is high on my list. My first vivid experience of this was during my practitioner training. As I was going down some steps, I noticed rather calmly that I had missed one. Instead of falling, my foot gently landed, and I kept going. That sense of ease and coordination was new to me. Growing up, I had been the kid in school who always had skinned and scabbed knees. People described me as athletic, but never graceful.

Years later as a practitioner, I had a student who worried about injuring herself. When we initially started working together, stairs scared her. After a series of private lessons and group classes, I noticed a shift. She was walking back to her car, tripped slightly at the curb, laughed it off and kept going. She was fine. She hadn't twisted her ankle or collapsed, or criticized herself and ruined her day.

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