Making the Easy, Elegant: The Ins & Outs of Online Scheduling

Rob Black, GCFP 

Here's a hard, cold fact: if you aren't yet employing an online scheduling system, you are 
losing students. Why? Well, now, more than ever, people don't want to bother with the back and forth of trying to make an appointment. They don't want to pick up the phone. They don't want to send an email. They want instant. They want to be able to schedule with you at five in the morning, or eight at night, or whenever their schedule allows.

Of course, offering online scheduling benefits you as well as your students. Booking online means no more lengthy voice messages or rounds of phone tag. And not only can students book appointments, but they can also cancel and reschedule with ease. You can even require that a fee is paid if they cancel within so many hours of the appointment!

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