How NATAB Has Been Responding to Complaints

The North American Training Accreditation Board (NATAB) wants to bring you up to date about how we respond to complaints and issues.

As fellow Feldenkrais® practitioners, we share a deep commitment to the integrity and respect that is a foundation of the Feldenkrais work. NATAB's job within that is to help ensure good quality educational programs and processes in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs.

Having strong and effective ways to bring forward and deal with complaints is a key part of our profession. NATAB's role within that is to receive and address complaints related to the 
behaviour of educational staff, the learning environment and the educational process. FGNA also has an ethics and grievance process in place to deal with ethics complaints. 

NATAB appreciates that our inability to communicate about the status of complaints can be challenging and frustrating for those who want to know more. However, this is "the nature of the beast" in order to respect the legal constraints and required confidentiality in our work.

As an update, NATAB has followed up on every official complaint that it has received. The NATAB process respects the complainant and the person against whom the complaint has been made, which is an important hallmark of
fair and due process in our society.

We have been actively involved in taking care of issues as they have arisen, and this continues to this day.

NATAB and the FGNA Board of Directors (Board) are in the process of reviewing and updating their policies. Here is a short summary of recent work to ensure our policies and standards are up to date.

Two steps have been taken recently to improve and clarify how complaints will be received and addressed:
• In December 2017, the Board approved the Process for Reviewing Complaints to NATABThis formalizes the process for how NATAB receives and addresses complaints related to training accreditation, including complaints related to the educational environment and educational program in accredited Feldenkrais trainings

• In January 2018 the Board approved an updated 
Grievance Protocol to deal with ethics complaints related to the FGNA Code of Professional Conduct and Standards of Practice. NATAB works with decisions from the grievance process. As stated in the Grievance Protocol, "FGNA has no tolerance for practices and behaviors which are deemed unacceptable." 

Here are some other key policies that inform NATAB's work, that you may want to look at:

• The FGNA 
Code of Professional Conduct is clear that discrimination, harassment (including but not limited to sexual harassment), and other unacceptable behaviors are not tolerated within the Feldenkrais profession. In 2016 NATAB recommended changes which are now in place, so that it is clear that the Code applies to all teaching and administrative staff of accredited Feldenkrais training programs as well as to all Feldenkrais practitioners.

• All Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners(cm) also agree, as part of their FGNA certification, to follow the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education Standards of Practice.

• The expected knowledge and abilities of Trainers in accredited Feldenkrais training programs are outlined in the Trainer competencies that are found in the FGNA Guidelines for Certification as a Feldenkrais Trainer.

All of these elements are intended to work together to help support an environment and experience that is safe and professional for all of us.

Thank you.

Bonnie Humiston, NATAB Chair

NATAB members: Bonnie Humiston (Chair)
Elizabeth Beringer
Olena Nitefor
Anna Johnson-Chase
Donna Simmons
Violet van Hees
David Zemach-Bersin