In Memoriam: David Webber

David Webber has died. In the last ten years, David became internationally known for his Seeing Clearly work, in which he integrated the Feldenkrais Method with Buddhist practices, the Bates Method, and other approaches to healing the eyes and living with awareness. He was a warm and articulate communicator and facilitated meaningful change in the lives of many.

In the early 1990s, David's life was turned upside down by significant ocular disease and the attendant medical interventions. Introduced to the Feldenkrais Method® by Marion Harris, a family friend, and doyenne of the Toronto Feldenkrais
® community, David enrolled in the 2000-2004 Toronto practitioner training with Arlyn Zones and Olena Nitefor. This context of sensitive, structured exploration provided space for David's native curiosity, playfulness, and love of learning. He recognized the resonance of this work with Buddhism and the Bates Method but saw that the Method further integrated awareness and tension-release practices in a more dynamically functional, embodied way. He became a Feldenkrais practitioner in 2004.

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