Feldy Notebook: Your Go-To Place for all things "ATM" and now Better than Ever

Feldy Notebook is a library of Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) lessons that makes it easy to locate specific lessons, share insights, and link related lessons. Laura Yedwab and a team of volunteers just completed a major upgrade to Feldy Notebook that included migrating it to WordPress. Ira Feinstein, the editor of In Touch, recently spoke with Laura Yedwab, the creator of Feldy Notebook, to discuss the new Feldy Notebook.

Ira: Welcome, Laura. Many of our readers already use Feldy Notebook, but for those unfamiliar with it, can you give a brief description of what it is and why I might use it?

Laura: Feldy Notebook is a website that enables the Feldenkrais® community to pool our collective knowledge of ATM lessons. You can use Feldy Notebook to:

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