The Ball, the Bowl, and the Slinky How the head, pelvis, and spine work together to move us powerfully through life

by Barbara Young, GCFP

My journey exploring the connection between my head, pelvis, and spine—or the ball, the bowl, and the slinky as I like to imagine them--began with my own personal journey in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, spending time with an indigenous tribe. As our bus rumbled down the Avenue of the Volcanoes toward the edge of the rainforest, where a small plane would fly us deeper into the jungle, our group leader stood and turned towards us. 

“You are leaving the world of the analytical, the critical, and the judgmental,” he said, “A world where one lives in their head. You are entering the world of the observational, of attention and awareness, a world where one lives through the heart.”  

In the Amazon, there is no space for judgmental, critical, striving, goal-oriented living. In the Amazon, there are no roads, no grocery stores, no Home Depot, or Costco. Survival here depends on the acute ability to be supremely attentive and aware of everything around you—the habits and movements of animals, the qualities of plants, how to silently glide through the jungle. The hunt for food is a slow, patient process of attending with great awareness to small, subtle nuances. Being completely present to the moment with relaxed awareness is essential. 

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