SENSEABILITY: Call for Contributors

Hello fellow practitioners,
Marsha Novak here. I have agreed to guest edit the December issue of SenseAbility.
Would you like to reach an audience of over 6000 readers? Here is your chance! Articles, as well as mp3s of ATM® lessons and relevant videos, are great.
I chose a two-part topic. First is the Feldenkrais Method® as mindful movement in a broad sense. Second is Feldenkrais® movement as physical metaphor to support some non-physical "life question," or process. A couple of examples might be a reaching lesson associated with the question of what do I want to reach for in my life, or a hand lesson associated with the question of what touches me.

As practitioners, we all know that the Feldenkrais Method not only help us change how we 
move, but also how we think and feel. That said, my impression is that generally speaking the public perceives our work as just about improving movement. 

As I have personally become more interested in sharing these other aspects of our work, my hope is that SenseAbility can help educate more folks about them.


Question? Queries? Submissions?
  Email Ira.

I look forward to working with you!

Thank you,