Where's your public listing?

Two websites.
Two logins.
One online listing.
Which one's which?

You've renewed your membership for 2019 (thank you!) and updated your contact information via the portal. So why hasn't that changed the information on your public listing on the site? The reason is that they are two completely separate websites, with two different logins.

By updating your information on the site, you're ensuring that FGNA can contact you via email, phone, or snail mail. However, if you want to ensure that the public can contact you, you must update your public listing, which is only accessible by logging into the site. Think of the member's website as your professional resource for research, Guild information, and membership issues. The public website is your public face. The more information you provide, the more hits we get, the less frustration the public experiences, and the more clients you get.

Please take a minute now and review your 
public listing. If it needs to be updated you, can find directions about how to do so here

If you're teaching a class or workshop, be sure to add it to the website. We receive emails every day from people looking for classes in their area but found none listed. Adding events to the website is a members-only benefit, so be sure to utilize this opportunity to get the word out about your workshops. Adding classes and events is easier than ever before. How easy? If you find that it is taking you longer than five minutes to add a class, email Ira before you get frustrated and he'll guide you through the process.