Benefits of being a Professional member include these and 
many more things:
  • Your membership and certification in the Guild protects your legal right to practice through the Guild Service marks and Governmental relations
  • Community! Being connected to your colleagues
  • A sensational Annual Conference which offers not only new and exciting workshops but also the ability to connect face-to-face with your peers
  • Personal listing in the online directory
  • Class and event listings in the online calendar 
  • Regional activities
  • Publications: Feldenkrais JournalIn TouchGuild News, SenseAbility
  • Ability to obtain FGNA's support of practitioners' right to practice
  • Professional liability insurance as a benefit of PLUS membership

  1. Update your listings. Please update your information in your profile. This is how FGNA contacts you. When you log in, you will immediately be directed to your profile. Please update your profile with any new information (new email, new website, new address, etc) Don't forget to fill in the fields for University Affiliations and Level of Education Achieved in "My Profile" and "My Organization."
  2. Your listing on the member site does not appear on the public website. (To update your public listing, so that the public can find you with ease, you MUST update your information on the public website separately. Login instructions can be found here. Then, update your contact information on the public website by logging in here.) 
  3. Enjoy your membership with FGNA!

Complete instructions are available on our website.