Confusion and the Creative Process

What happens when you do not understand something? What is your reaction to confusion? Often my reactions are determined by how interested I am in learning and how curious I am in the moment. I can either shut down or open myself to the discomfort of not knowing. The desire to understand and be with the confusing aspects of my life experience drives my creative process and led me to create a book about the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education.

I found the Feldenkrais Method during a confusing search for how to have a more loving relationship with my body after growing up in a family and society that taught me to hate it. The invitations the Method offered were liberating: feel without judgement, move without comparing myself to others, and sense internally instead of looking to others to validate if what I was doing was correct. Through permission and encouragement to imperfectly cultivate my own inner sense of knowing, I found grace in a clunky un-embodied body. I found presence where I had been absent for so long. This coming home to myself was a creative, dynamic process.

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