Can You Spell F-E-L-D-E-N-K-R-A-I-S?

Apparently, Jairam Jagadeesh Hathwar can. It was his winning word in the Scripps National Spelling Bee on May 26. Hearty congratulations to Jairam and co-winner Nihar Saireddy Janga (he correctly spelled "Gesellschaft.")


Around the world, people are Googling two new words. If you're visiting the Feldenkrais Method website for the first time, welcome to an exciting resource for healing, learning, and growth. The BBC described the Feldenkrais Method as "a method of Education." Other media outlets called it a "system of movement designed to ease tension." Both descriptions are correct, but the Feldenkrais Method is also more than that. It engages the brain and its neuroplasticity on behalf of the body and has many applications. In addition to helping you to reduce tension (see our latest issue of SenseAbility), it can also play a valuable role in injury rehabilitation, help you to improve your ease of movement and posture, and support you in any number of physical activities, from playing the piano, doing yoga or gardening, to playing on the floor with your grandchildren. You'll find articles and information on these and many more subjects here. Or get a quick overview

The Feldenkrais Method is available in several forms. You can attend classes and workshops, or you can have individual Feldenkrais sessions, (also referred to as 'lessons'.) If you'd like to try a class, you can find certified Feldenkrais practitioners in your area, as well as sign up for Events like our upcoming National Conference in Asheville, NC - our theme this year is The Tipping Point: Propelling The Feldenkrais Method into the Mainstream. How perfect that at this moment, the word "Feldenkrais" is on so many lips! 

Thank you Scripps, for choosing Feldenkrais as a word, and congratulations Jairam, for being able to spell it perfectly!