Feldenkrais Film Festival Winners

The 2016 North American Conference was a beautiful event, and we will have an comprehensive article about all the events that took place in a few days. Among the many successful innovations was our first annual Feldenkrais Film Competition. Originally there was to be one prize. But we received 16 entries, many different genres and approaches from all over the world. We were delighted and amazed at the variety and talent displayed by our community.

The judges felt that just one winner would not honor the breadth of the submissions. So in addition to our grand prize winner, we have added a North American and International winner. We are grateful to all the people who took the time to create great work. The films can all be seen on the FGNA Youtube page. Please share them, link them to your websites, spread the word.
Congratulations all!

The Winners
Grand Prize-- 2017 FGNA Membership
Brad Beldner

Runner Ups - $50 Gift Certificate to FGNA Bookstore
International - Roman Sheppard Dawson
North American - Violet Van Nees