De-Stress with this Mini Lesson!

Mini-ATM® lesson: Where is your limit?

by Miriam Levenson, GCFP

  1. Turn your head to look, look as far as you can, really strain to see. Notice the feeling you have when you reach that extreme limit. Is there any pain? Strain? Holding your breath?
  2. Now turn a little less. Now turn still less. And less. Make the turn so small, it feels like floating through air or oil.
  3. Now increase the turn slightly, and notice if you feel more resistance, like moving through peanut butter or honey. Maybe there is a wall there. Or maybe something clicks. Do you hold your breath?
  4. Increase the turn a little more, and notice if your neck jumps like you are moving over the teeth of a gear, or if there is any sensation of strain or pain.
  5. Now go back to that movement that feels like air or oil. This is your TRUE LIMIT. Is it in the same place as it was when you started? Anything that doesn't feel light and smooth is PAST YOUR LIMIT. Is your area of true ease bigger or smaller than you expected?
  6. Turn several times staying ONLY within your limit. Keep relaxing any and all effort in yourself. Notice how that light, smooth area grows until you can easily turn your head as far as you wish, with no pain or strain.
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