In Memoriam: George Krutz, 1952-2017

After a long illness, George died suddenly on Saturday, February 11, 2017. He is survived by his wife, Stephanie Spink, two stepdaughters Jessika and Katherine, and brothers and sisters in the USA.

Prior to his move to Australia, George was an active contributor to many international organizations in the Feldenkrais community. George was one of the authors of the IWG report and contributed to the organization and production of materials held by the Feldenkrais Foundation. George had a profound impact on FGNA. He was the Board President from December 1999 - August 2004. He brought much kindness and humor to the position, as well as a calm, guiding hand.

On meeting Stephanie, George moved to Australia and they were married soon after. George continued to pursue his interests in the Feldenkrais world and contributed on many fronts in Victoria and internationally.

George's brother Terry wrote pertinent words of his brother that will resonate with many who knew George:

"Above all he was an honorable man, a distinction that he earned over a lifetime of purposeful exploration. His journeys were fueled by curiosity and an ability to move through life with a unique mix of loyalty and detachment from things that might slow him down or keep him from mastering a new found passion.

Of his many odysseys in his life, the intellectual  adventures he pursued were very important to him because they allowed him to navigate through relationships and professions with confidence and credibility."

Thanks to Chris Lambert and the Australian Guild for sharing with us the news of George's passing.