Join us for the Business of Being a Feldenkrais Practitioner

Special Event at the Feldenkrais® Conference in Seattle on Thursday, Aug 24 from 1-2:15pm.

Simply grab your lunch and bring it to the meeting! Signs will be posted.

Are you eager to share the gift of the Feldenkrais Method® with the world?

Do you derive a deeper sense of purpose providing a client with a learning environment that empowers them to refine the quality of their life?

Would you be willing to consider that the art of finding the people that you are meant to serve could, perhaps, be different from the art of touching them?

How do you talk about your work? What are the tools that make up a welcome invitation to your community?

From what background did you come to the training and how do you grow from that place to being a practitioner that serves the whole of you?

This lunch time special event is an invitation to explore these questions with a panel of distinguished practitioners with the intention to facilitate and enrich your own journey of building a business that is fulfilling to you. It is open to Trainees and Practitioners.
Here is a brief excerpt from interviewing the panelists followed by their background.

Looking back at your career, what would you say is the most essential ingredient of building a business as a Feldenkrais® 
Janice Vincent: I believe that client attraction and retention starts with the state of mind you bring to the process. If you're passionate and curious about the work, have a clear commitment to your practice, and believe you can help others, you are already half way there. I take the time to educate my clients so they can understand and talk about the work in their own words. I am not telling them what "Feldenkrais" is but how it relates to their life and the improvement they see in the quality of their life.

Marsha Novak: As a licensed Physical Therapist, for me it was learning to transition from doing Physical Therapy and having the access to hospital referrals to bringing in clients to my private clinic, that related to the work of the Feldenkrais Method, found improvement with it and wanted it. I am excited to speak to the specific opportunities and the challenges that physical therapists and people coming from other healthcare fields face when they want to begin doing the work in a way that is sustainable for them.

Laura Yedwab: Understanding that enrolling potential clients is a different process than giving a Functional Integration® lesson. I am happy to share at the event, more about what the enrollment process is and how important it is to take the time to develop your skill at having successful enrollment conversations. 

Terri Rossi: For me, it has been developing a system that made my work measurable and repeatable for clients. I am looking forward to sharing, what is essentially, a best practice toolkit, at the special event. It includes learning how to document client goals, practitioner strategies, session results and about how to professionally handle common business situations like late cancellation, no shows, dissatisfied clients, client thank you, referral thank you, consent to work with minors and more. 

We can't wait to see you on Thursday!