Lifetime & 20 yr Certification & Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Certification
All graduates of the San Franscico 1 (1977) and Amherst (1983) Training programs with Moshe Feldenkrais are eligible for LIFETIME CERTIFICATION (as opposed to lifetime membership) after completing an affidavit of eligibility, and agreeing to follow FGNA policies. What this means for those who qualify:

  • Once you have received Lifetime Certification, you don't have to renew your certification.
  • Beginning in 2017, you now have a special rate for membership without having to pay certification!

Twenty-Year Certification
Practitioners with twenty cumulative years of certification are eligible to receive Twenty-Year Certification after completing an affidavit of eligibility. Practitioners who have received Twenty-Year Certification must still renew their certification annually, though they are exempt from the Professional Practice and Continuing Competence Plan requirements for certification. Those who qualify must pay full membership dues to be a member of FGNA.

Lifetime Membership
The Board has granted LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to a few members who have been outstanding in building the Feldenkrais Method and/or FGNA or who have reached the age of 90. This is limited to a very few individuals. The Board is not seeking waivers or applications for lifetime membership.