A Feldenkrais Method Perspective on Internal Strength

Chinese and Japanese martial arts distinguish between internal and external martial arts. The internal arts utilize “internal strength” as a basis from which to move. Often practitioners of these arts refer to “flowing energy” and to the practice of “grounding.” Moshe had a lot to say about these notions and within the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education there are clear principles, both biological and in physics, that lead us into a unique perspective on “internal strength.” In this workshop we will explore how we can utilize these principles to improve our own functional self-organization as well as enhance what we offer others.
Jeff Haller, founder of the IOPS Academy is noted for his work helping practitioners develop their skill with self-organization. IOPS, a graduate course for practitioners, helps them empower their Functional Integration® work through exploring and enacting the biomechanical principles that lead to a highly refined sense of self-organization and skeletal efficiency.
Thursday, August 24-
Friday, August 25

10AM-12:30PM &
2:30PM-5PM PDT

Open to:
Open to 3rd & 4th year Feldenkrais® Trainees and Feldenkrais Practitioners