Got Neuroplasticity? Using Movement to Create Oxytocin to Help Regenerate Your Brain

Join Feldenkrais® teacher Elinor Silverstein and kinetic learning specialist and best-selling author Rupert Isaacson for a fascinating presentation on creating the feel-good and communication hormone oxytocin. Learn how to end the brain's cell danger response (aka, chronic stress), which blocks learning. We can achieve neuro-plasticity and learning through simple movements of pelvic rocking and balancing, while at the same time uncovering the mysteries of the vagal nerve and the elixir of life - the liquid crystalline collagen matrix. Learn how to do this not just for yourself and your clients, but also to serve children with autism, ADD/ADHD and other neuro-psychiatric conditions, elders with dementia, and many others. Quality of life? Yes indeed!

Elinor Silverstein, Feldenkrais® teacher, has been teaching over 35 years how movement and internal biochemistry can work together to improve people's lives.

Rupert Isaacson
is an acclaimed author and autism expert.
Thursday, August 24

10AM-12:30PM &
2:30PM-5PM PDT

Open to:
Public, Trainees, Practitioners