A Fresh Perspective on Early Development

In this workshop, we will explore novel ways of using our observational skills, discover fresh forms to refine our sensory and movement skills, and make clear applications to Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® lessons. Learn to train the creative mind in its abilities to move in novel domains when creating applications of our work. As practitioners, new perspectives and viewpoints help us develop new skills and tools for our work. This will be done by looking into aspects of infant development using the Jeremy Krauss Approach.
Jeremy Krauss was a personal student of and directly trained by Dr. Feldenkrais. He is known for his clarity as well as his creative abilities and practical skills in developing new and unique materials. His specialty is his extraordinary ability to work with special needs children, which lead him to develop his own unique approach - the Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) for Special Needs Children.
Thursday, August 24

10AM-12:30PM &
2:30PM-5PM PDT

Open to:
Public, Trainees, Practitioners