Pushing and Pulling in Functional Integration Lessons

At the beginning of this workshop, Anastasi Siotas differentiates pushing and pulling. He then builds on this distinction to help us understand functional anatomy, optimal biomechanics, and the immediate and long-term influence of injury and illness on coordination and strength. Introducing the concept of tensegrity, Anastasi shows how the teacher’s actions harness these fundamental forces to modulate the dynamics of the student’s structure. Through ATM® lessons and small group exercises, you explore the role of compression and tension in hands-on techniques, refine your sensitivity with these fundamental forces, learn to notice and track joint play, and improve the effectiveness your nonverbal communication.
Anastasi Siotas, GCFP, (1997), is an Assistant Trainer who teaches at the Feldenkrais® Institute, the Laban Institute, and the New School University in New York. He is a Senior Trainer of Ruthy Alon's Movement Intelligence and works closely with Larry Goldfarb on Mind in Motion's post-graduate programs.
Saturday, August 26
(Day 2 of 2)

10AM-12:30PM &
2:30PM-5PM PDT

Open to:
Open to 3rd & 4th year Feldenkrais® Trainees and Feldenkrais Practitioners