The Ball, the Bowl, the Slinky: How the Head, Pelvis and Spine Work Together to Move Us Powerfully through Life

Why is our skeleton designed the way it is? How do our muscles work to move us with grace, speed, and power? This workshop will bring clarity to these questions and more as we examine the three essential components needed for balance and fluid movement—the head, pelvis, and spine—and explore their integral relationship in early development. Complex material comes alive with simplicity and applications for everyday situations. Through Awareness Through Movement® lessons, experiential exercises, and visual aids, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of this intricate system and obstacles that hinder our growth toward thriving adulthood.
A physical therapist for 37 years and Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM for 16 years, Barbara Young brings her expertise in movement, dance, and meditation to helping individuals, from children to high-level performers, with musculoskeletal and neurological issues. Her approach is grounded in her acute kinesthetic understanding and informed by her study of early development as the foundation through which we grow to become thriving adults.
Friday, August 25

10AM-12:30PM &
2:30PM-5PM PDT

Open to:
Public, Trainees, Practitioners