The Creative and Well-Organized Feldenkrais Workshop

“How do I organize an excellent Feldenkrais® workshop? What are the elements that make it a Feldenkrais workshop and not just any movement workshop? How do I organize those elements to provide a meaningful experience for my students? What role does my own creative process play in designing and teaching a workshop? How can a workshop be both creative and well-organized?” In this seminar, Sheri will address these questions through experiential activities and discussion. You will leave with a functional template for designing your own Feldenkrais workshop and the inspiration to give more and better workshops.
Sheri Cohen, GCFP, Assistant Trainer has been teaching Feldenkrais® classes, series, retreats and workshops for almost 20 years. A dancer, choreographer and yoga teacher, Sheri teaches on many topics to diverse populations, including the 7-month long Feldenkrais immersion “Growing and Learning.” The marriage of creativity and rigor is her passion.
Sunday, August 27

10AM-12:30PM PDT

Open to:
Open to 3rd & 4th year Feldenkrais® Trainees and Feldenkrais Practitioners