On Being Human: Reversible Dance Between Earth and Sky

Life is full of paradoxes. Deeply empowered grace and ease arise from the natural, continually-changing counter balance of opposites in life. Through Awareness Through Movement® lessons and simple Qi Gong movements, we will explore how humans create dynamic flow in their upright organization. True reversible ease in being human requires accurately holding the paradox of how we are concurrently responding to both gravity and ground force. Reversibility is the skill of being able to sense that inner freedom as a compass and allow for recalibration when necessary. The benefit is harmonization of the innate upright flow of life while being grounded.
Carrie Lafferty, GCFP, is a PT since 1985, a Feldenkrais practitioner since 1994, and Master Qi Gong teacher since 2010. Deeply informed by her own personal study of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Chinese/Daoist Medicine, Core Nature-based Shamanism, and Meditation, she believes healing is truly transformational and alchemical, involving change on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual.
Sunday, August 27

10AM-12:30PM PDT

Open to:
Public, Trainees, Practitioners