Stepping Forward--From Behind

Learn to propel yourself forward from the foot that is behind you—instead of dragging yourself forward with the foot taking its turn in front. That’s what runners do when competing in track meets; that’s what you can do to walk effortlessly! This workshop will use Awareness Through Movement® lessons lying down, sitting, and standing to help participants discover that they can move powerfully, not only from the center out, but also from behind. The results can be a relaxed upright posture, comfortable legs, hips, spine, and shoulders for better quality breathing and much more efficiency walking uphill and long distances.
Feldenkrais® practitioner Pamela Kihm has written three books: Walking: Nature’s Perfect ExerciseStop Sciatica Now, and Relax Your Back With A RollerBaseball Skeletal Engineering: Catching, Throwing, Batting, Running, written to appeal to teenagers, will be available this fall. She is currently writing a book for those with osteoarthritis.
Sunday, August 27

10AM-12:30PM PDT

Open to:
Public, Trainees, Practitioners