Solutions For Freedom From Movement Limitations

Ruthy Alon's most recent program has 12 themes, with 10 optional coordinating strategies to approach each one. In this intro to the Solutions program, Ruthy will guide experiential examples from each theme, as time will allow.

The Solutions program provides simple and short procedures for teaching people what they can do by themselves and for themselves to transform from being a suffering victim to a person with hope who has agency over their life, n
ot by succumbing to old age as our culture implies.

Elinor Silverstein, longtime Feldenkrais Practitioner, and Movement Intelligence Trainer, will be assisting Ruthy in this full-day workshop.

From Jerusalem, Israel, Ruthy Alon is a Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method. She studied for many years with the master himself and graduated from his first professional training in Tel Aviv (1967–1971).

Ruthy continues to teach and develop her own programs for restoring personal freedom of movement, applying Dr. Feldenkrais’s principles of somatic learning to new contexts and styles of movement. Through the teachers and trainers she has certified internationally, Ruthy’s programs have reached and touched the lives of many people throughout the world.

Please note that FGNA holds the right to cancel a workshop due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a workshop cancellation, attendees will be notified accordingly and given the option to enroll in a different workshop.

Friday, Sep. 28

30PM & 2:30-5:00PM

Open to: 
Practitioners, Trainees, & Public

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