Developing the Art of Deep Listening

How can we find stillness and silence amidst the accelerating noise?
How do we create authentic relationships as our species becomes increasingly disconnected from nature?
Using the metaphor of sound, we can develop a new awareness of the complex web of polyrhythms of our world.
Through the practice of deep listening, we can refine our perceptual skills, opening new doors of possibility in relation to ourselves, our environment, and our fellow human beings.
Particularly recommended for meditation practitioners.
Thursday: Eavesdropping/Extreme Slow Walk
  (includes exercise by experimental composer Pauline Oliveros)
Friday: Pulse Relationships

Seth Dellinger discovered the Feldenkrais Method® in 2012, and immediately recognized the contributions of Moshe Feldenkrais as congruent with his own life discoveries in his previous two decades as a musical and political radical. He teaches that strategically improvising with movement as metaphor opens doors in all realms of life.


Thursday, September 27-
Friday, September 28


Open to:
Practitioners, Trainees, & Public

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