Coordinating Balance

What do riding a bicycle and walking a tightrope have in common?
  • sense of midline
  • verticality related to ground reactive forces
  • functionality in the sagittal plane
  • triaxially free pelvis
  • counter-symmetry of vertebrae/spine
  • narrow polygon of sustentation
  • teetering and falling as necessary steps to mastery
Using soft rollers, we'll mine the magic of self-discovery. There is no manual for good posture or substitute for learning by doing, in order to control the degrees of freedom. Through Awareness Through Movement® lessons on your feet and along a roller we will examine aspects of what it takes to coordinate balance, and while doing so learn to apply these ideas to our hands-on Functional Integration® lessons.

New York based Assistant Trainer Anastasi Siotas has been working with cyclists and tight rope walkers to improve their skill using soft rollers in both ATM® and FI®. He is known for his deep knowledge of functional anatomy and is well versed in the emerging field of Biotensegrity.

Thursday, June 27

30PM & 2:30-5:00PM

Open to: 
Trainees and Feldenkrais® Practitioners

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