The Evolution of Functional Integration

Moshe Feldenkrais understood the evolutionary underpinnings of our ability to move and to learn. We will focus on this aspect of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education as we explore the relationship between evolution and Feldenkrais® lessons. We will begin with a visit to the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. I will give you a short tour of the evolutionary story of our vertebrate ancestors. This leads us to what evolutionary biologists call “functional integration”. Later we will explore the practical applicationsof what we discovered in the museum in Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® lessons.  Workshop participants will receive written materials to guide their museum experience, and a reading list for future reference.

Roger Russell, M.A., PT, had the luck to participate in trainings with Moshé Feldenkrais in San Francisco, Amherst and Israel (1975- 1982). A movement scientist, physical therapist and Feldenkrais trainer he is co-director of the Feldenkrais-Zentrum in Heidelberg, Germany. Since 1975 he has been intrigued by the network of ideas, including neuroscience, evolution and human development which stand behind the practical methods that Feldenkrais developed. Roger helped coordinate the FGNA/FEFNA symposia Movement and the Development of Sense of Self (2004) and Embodying Neuroscience (2012). Author of two books in German about the Feldenkrais Method he has presented in Feldenkrais conferences in Europe and the United States. He is one of the initiators of the Feldenkrais Science Network.

Saturday, June 29

10AM-12:30PM & 2:30-5:00PM

Open to: 
Feldenkrais® Practitioners & Trainees

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