Softening Your Learning Edge

You know the feeling, that place in your body where movement loses smoothness or feels more effortful. I call that place your “Learning Edge”. We as Feldenkrais® Practitioners have learned many ways to assist students when they are experiencing too much effort. However, while doing an eye lesson, I discovered another possibility to open up the channels for easier and expanded range of movement. I'll share this discovery with you by offering you a way to help your students, and yourself, move gently beyond the Learning Edge in both Awareness Through Movement® lessons and Functional Integration® lessons. It’s applicable to any lesson, not solely eye lessons. Please join me in my excitement about this new perspective.

Carol Lessinger is an Amherst Graduate. Her joy has been in growing personal awareness and to creating an environments in which students find greater ease in trusting themselves and in learning. She is spontaneously creative and has a loving presence in how she shares her years of experience.

Sunday, June 30


Open to: 
Non-Feldenkrais® Practitioners, Feldenkrais® Practitioners, & Trainees

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