A Leg to Stand On, variations on AY #43.

From walking to balancing on one leg, our ability to feel confident and fluid in movement requires feeling stable on a tremendously complex structure made up of many round surfaces all balanced and moving one on top of another! Come discover how a flexible spine and chest enhances your sense of balance and stability, all while enjoying the safety of lying on the floor.

Prisca Winslow like everyone else, began her life exploring movement. In 1983 Feldenkrais brought her from 4 years of ankle and back pain to enjoy again what she had always loved... Dance. A GCFP and Assistant Trainer Prisca has presented Awareness Through Movement classes and workshops for performing artists, athletes, equestrians and the general public since 1989 and enjoys a full Functional Integration practice in Taos, NM. She continues to explore a variety of movement arts all of which Feldenkrais informs and makes more fun! The process is expansive and rewarding and she is excited to share her learning.

Sun, Jun 30

8:30am – 9:30am

Open to:
Open to Practitioners, Non-Feldenkrais Practitioners, Trainees, & Public