Head, Spine, Pelvis Connection

The relationship between the head and pelvis is one of the most important aspects of human movement. The head and pelvis are connected by the spine, therefore it is important to have a flexible spine for the head and neck to be free, as well as the pelvis- our center, where our largest muscles are. When a person is organized and the spine is free, the head and pelvis really know and feel what the other is doing and are free to move in response to one another. The result is our movements are easier, more efficient and more pleasurable.

Nancy did her 4-year Feldenkrais training in San Diego with Mark Reese & Donna Ray, graduating in 2004. Currently she teaches a class at Alchemy of Movement in Boulder on Thursdays at 10:30AM, and Sundays at 11AM at her home studio. She also sees private clients as well as teaches workshops. Her purpose is to empower people, giving them  tools to move better, think better & feel better.

Sun, Jun 30

8:30am – 9:30am

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Open to Practitioners, Non-Feldenkrais Practitioners, Trainees, & Public