Continuing Competency Form

Certification authorizes you to use the FGNA service marks and certification marks in the USA and Canada, on electronic and printed materials directly related to the practice of the Feldenkrais Method®, and training programs accredited by FGNA. Certification supports Feldenkrais® practitioners’ right to work in states and provinces that regulate hands-on work, and protects the profession and the public by requiring completion of educational and professional practice requirements, implementation of written Continuing Competence Plans, and adherence to FGNA Policies “E Feldenkrais Method Standards of Practice”, “E2.3.3.2 Code of Professional Conduct” and “E2.4.2.1 Service Marks, Certification Marks and Trademarks.”


Certification Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

The document above contains frequently asked questions about certification. It also includes an explanation of how to meet the Continuing Competence requirements necessary for renewing certification each year.

Initial Certification

There is NO FEE for this initial certification. Upon completion of all graduation requirements for your accredited Professional Feldenkrais Training Program, you are eligible to become certified through FGNA. Certification expires on December 31st each year. To receive a directory listing and other membership benefits, please also complete a membership form (even if you are a current trainee member of the Guild).

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Annual certification requirements and policies are available here.



Provisional Certification

Feldenkrais® practitioners in the US and Canada must renew their certification with the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America annually.  If you have let your certification lapse, or if you do not meet the Professional Experience or Continuing Education requirements, you must apply for Provisional Certification. Please click the box to complete and return the form below.



Twenty-Year Certification- Practitioner

Practitioners with twenty cumulative years of certificationare eligible to receive Twenty-Year Certification after completing an affidavit of eligibility. Practitioners who have received Twenty-Year Certification must still renew their certification annually, though they are exempt from the Professional Practice and Continuing Competence Plan requirements for certification. Those who qualify must pay full membership dues to be a member of FGNA.



Lifetime Certification- Practitioner


All graduates of the San Franscico 1 (1977) and Amherst (1983) Training programs with Moshe Feldenkrais are eligible for LIFETIME CERTIFICATION after completing an affidavit of eligibility, and agreeing to follow FGNA policies. 




Non-Practitioner Agreement

As more members begin sharing the Feldenkrais Method® with other professionals, it needs to be made clear that those participants are not authorized to teach the Feldenkrais Method. This form needs to be distributed and signed whenever a workshop involves the practice of Functional Integration® Please keep these signed agreements on file.
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