FGNA Feldenkrais Practitioner Profile (FPP)

"Our intelligence depends upon the opportunity we take to experience and learn on our own. This self learning leads to full dynamic living." -Moshe Feldenkrais

What is the FPP?

The FPP is the FGNA Feldenkrais® Practitioner Profile, developed over the past four years by the Board of Directors appointed Task Force to Separate Certification from Graduation. It is a minutely detailed description of the knowledge and abilities of a competent beginning practitioner. Read the profile.

Directing Your Progress


This FGNA Feldenkrais Practitioner Profile (FPP) will become the basis for Competency based certification for graduates of Feldenkrais training programs. The FPP will define and codify the knowledge, skills and abilities that a competent graduated student of a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program (FPTP) is able to demonstrate. It is designed to be used by Feldenkrais students, their mentors and Trainers. It may be introduced at any point during a Feldenkrais Training Program along with the essential skills of Self and Peer Assessment. In combination, these tools may be used as an ongoing reference in order to:
  • Develop training curriculum and pedagogy by Trainers
  • Strengthen the relationship and communication between teachers and students
  • Guide students toward self-directed learning
  • Provide a means for each Feldenkrais student to discover strengths, skills, possible directions and sources of growth
  • Promote a richer exchange of experiences among prospective practitioners
  • Serve as guide for mentoring
  • Provide a mechanism for quality assurance
  • Create a deeper sense of self-reliance in the community
  • Raise awareness for community collaboration
  • Provide a reference for those involved in offering basic and continuing education in the Feldenkrais Method
  • Provide a reference for regulatory purposes, which may be used by practitioners and guilds/ associations

Get started now with the FPP worksheet.

This worksheet is a companion to the FPP. Use it to connect the FPP material to your day to day experience as a practitioner. Practitioners are encouraged to engage with it slowly and reflectively over time. Use it with a spirit of inquiry and the intention to learn and grow.

Try out the FGNA Feldenkrais Practitioner Profile Competency Cards!

Here are all 391 competencies, color coded and conveniently formatted foryou to print, cut, and turn into a deck of cards. Why would you want a deck of Competency cards? Ask anyone who has been to a Revivify! workshop. They make competency accessible, digestible and fun. Here are our top ten card games. Enjoy, and, please email the Task Force  when you invent something new to do with cards.
Photo of Moshe Feldenkrais courtesy of the IFF Archives. Used with permission.