International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF)

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About us

The IFF is an organisation made up of National Guilds and Associations and through them its practitioner and student members. 

The IFF: protects, preserves and shares the legacy left by Dr Moshe Feldenkrais and provides a meeting place for the member organisations to discuss ideas and concerns. 

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Free IFF Materials

The IFF Archive. Photos of Moshe to use in your brochures, website or presentations. Audio recordings you can listen to and Videos of Moshe giving FIs. Articles and newspaper cuttings from the early days and a collection of modern photos and videos. 

IFF Journal

IFF Research Journal and Research Bibliography Great articles to support our work and continue your understanding of it. 

Purchase Materials

IFF Distribution Centre 

Alexander Yanai lessons, Transcripts and recordings of the San Francisco and Amherst Trainings, recorded interviews and lessons with Moshe and more. Make sure you’re a member of your Guild or Association for extra discounts and special offers and sign up for our free newsletter here 

International Connections

Want to know what’s happening around the world? You can sign up for the Free “Feldenkrais world” newsletter here Make sure you’ve already registered as a member of the site so you can see this area. See what’s happening in other parts of the world and opportunities to participate in international working groups. 

As you begin this exciting new phase of your Feldenkrais journey, we hope you’ll share it with us. IFF President: Vesna Puric