Marketing & Promotional Materials

Marketing Materials

Feldenkrais Method® Brochure.

Our wholly redesigned full color 8.5"x11" tri-fold brochure beautifully incorporates the new logo, complements the public website, and has a blank space on the back ready for your personal information. 

Options for accessing the new brochure:
Download it for FREE (FGNA members only)
A print-ready pdf is now available in the Resource Center. You can download the pdf and have it printed by your preferred third-party printer whenever you'd like. 
Need assistance? Email Support.
Feldenkrais Method® logo.
Current professional members, member trainees, and certified practitioners can use the Feldenkrais Method logo to promote the Method. First, log in to the member's site, then follow this link:

Guild members receive FREE templates!

Business cards--3.5x2 in.
Postcards--4x6 in.
Poster--14x22 in, 30x48 in, and 30x72 in

Looking for photographs?
Photographs can be found at:

Access the pdf through the Resource Center:
1. Log in to the website 
2. Go to the Resource Center (listed under Bookmarks--see image below for clarification)
3. In the Select a Topic field, click on the item you're looking for and download the pdf you want.