NATAB Complaint Procedures

As fellow Feldenkrais® practitioners, members of the North American Training Accreditation Board (NATAB) share a deep commitment to the integrity and respect that is a foundation of the Feldenkrais work. NATAB's job within that is to help ensure good quality educational programs and processes in Feldenkrais® Professional Training Programs.

Having strong and effective ways to bring forward and deal with complaints is a key part of our profession. NATAB's role within that is to receive and address complaints related to the 
behavior of educational staff, the learning environment, and the educational process. FGNA also has an ethics and grievance process in place to deal with ethics complaints. 

NATAB appreciates that our inability to communicate about the status of complaints can be challenging and frustrating for those who want to know more. However, this is "the nature of the beast" in order to respect the legal constraints and required confidentiality in our work.

NATAB follows up on every official complaint that it receives. The NATAB process respects the complainant and the person against whom the complaint has been made, which is an important hallmark of fair and due process in our society.

Process for Reviewing Complaints to NATAB
NATAB Process for Addressing Complaints About Trainers, Assistant Trainers, and Trainer Candidates
FGNA Ethics Program