NATAB Policy Development July 2018

NATAB Proposals for Changing Trainer Candidate and Trainer Approval Process, and International Training Accreditation Policy

July 5, 2018

NATAB is requesting feedback on proposed changes to the Trainer Certification policy, including changes to both the Trainer Candidate and Trainer application processes. Two items in the International Training Accreditation Guidelines would also need to be revised, in order to implement the primary changes. The proposal is being circulated to all FGNA members, and to all IFF-member guilds and associations.

The primary focus of these changes is to give expanded options for Assistant Trainers and Trainer Candidates, so that qualified people can teach more, and sooner, in accredited Feldenkrais training programs.

The proposals would:

  • Fully incorporate streamlining measures that were approved as exceptions to Trainer Certification policy in 2015

  • Remove the 5-year time limit that a person can be a Trainer Candidate, so that a person can stay as a Trainer Candidate if they want -  or they can move on to apply for Trainer certification
  • Allow the Trainer Candidate applicant who wants to apply for Trainer to submit their Guidance Committee or Alternate Way proposal later, separately from the rest of their Trainer Candidate application.
  • Provide a “fast-track” to Trainer Candidate and Trainer for HIGHLY experienced Assistant Trainers
  • Adjust two items in the International Training Accreditation Guidelines to support the above changes
  • Make the Trainer/Trainer Candidate policy easier to read and understand

Following the feedback period, NATAB will review the feedback and consider revisions to the proposals. All training accreditation boards will review the revised proposals, and after final revisions, the proposal will be submitted to the governing bodies of the TABs for consideration.

Read the Proposals Now! (links on right side of this page)

Please provide your feedback by September 15, 2018.

Thank you for your interest.

North American Training Accreditation Board (NATAB):
Bonnie Humiston (Chair), Elizabeth Beringer, Rob Black, Anna Johnson-Chase, Olena Nitefor, Donna Simmons, Violet van Hees, David Zemach-Bersin


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