NATAB Policy Development November 2017

Expanded Options for Assistant Trainers and Trainer Candidates
NATAB proposals for how to have qualified people teaching sooner, and more 

November 3, 2017 

Dear Trainers and Assistant Trainers,

NATAB has created new proposals for Expanding Options for Assistant Trainers and Trainer Candidates. These proposals were developed after reviewing feedback on NATAB proposals that were sent out last April. Please review the proposals and provide your feedback by December 4, 2017.
NATAB is proposing simple adjustments to existing policies so that qualified Assistant Trainers and Trainer Candidates can teach as the main teacher in trainings sooner, and can teach more. The proposals would:


  1. Increase the number of days that an “Experienced Assistant Trainer”  and a Trainer Candidate can teach in trainings without a Trainer present but with Trainer supervision
  2. Adjust the existing definition/criteria for “experienced Assistant Trainer” to reduce the experience requirements
  3. Remove the time limit that a person can be a Trainer Candidate, so that a person can stay as a Trainer Candidate if they want -  or they can move on to apply for Trainer certification
  4. Allow the Trainer Candidate applicant who wants to go on to apply for Trainer to submit their Guidance Committee or Alternate Way proposal later, separately from the rest of their Trainer Candidate application.
  5. Provide a fast-track process to Trainer Candidate and Trainer, for HIGHLY experienced Assistant Trainers
We’ve provided a PowerPoint to explain all the details, as well as a document with further background. After you review the proposals, please take the survey, to let us know what you like, as well as any concerns, questions or suggestions that you have.
NATAB’s next steps:
  • Consider feedback from the educational community
  • If the response is favorable, NATAB will prepare a formal proposal
  • Initiate the process for international policy change, including:
    • gathering broad international community feedback
    • working with other TABs, and
    • seeking approval for the proposed changes from the TAB governing bodies.

(There is also other international work underway on developing an Alternative Pathway to Trainer, based on a EuroTAB proposal. You will not be asked to choose between the proposals, but rather to look at each proposal on its own merits. The proposals could co-exist.)
Your views are important to us.  
Thank you for your participation and interest!  
North American Training Accreditation Board (NATAB):
Bonnie Humiston (Chair), Liza Weaver Brickey (Co-Chair), Elizabeth Beringer, David Zemach-Bersin, Anna Johnson-Chase, Olena Nitefor, Donna Simmons, Violet van Hees


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