Online Learning: Trainee Survey Report

Trainee Online Learning Experiences: NATAB Survey

When COVID restrictions on meeting in person began in the spring of 2020, there were many active Feldenkrais training programs, accredited by the North American Training Accreditation Board (NATAB).
Prior to COVID, all training programs were done almost completely in-person and the conventional wisdom was that training programs could only be done in-person. In face of the constraints on travel and meeting in person during COVID, the first priority was to find how the Training Accreditation Guidelines could be followed, while allowing for online delivery of content.

NATAB anticipated that, in the future, the training community would be submitting training proposals with online components. The immediate impact on trainees was also ever-present in discussions within NATAB. The need for this survey emerged through these discussions.
The survey results indicate there can be room for online teaching in future training programs,  to complement in-person training time. Our experiences with the COVID constraints will help us look at how policies can be adapted to best meet the needs of trainees and educational staff as we move forward from here.

You can find the report here: Trainee Online Learning Survey Report