Functional IntegrationĀ® Teacher Authorization Form for Trainees

Functional Integration® Teacher Authorization Form for Trainees 

Functional Integration teacher status is only available to trainees in training programs that were scheduled to graduate in 2020, and that have been approved by FGNA due to the public health emergency.
To become an authorized Functional Integration teacher you must:
  • Complete 750 hours of your training program
  • Successfully complete 2 FI lessons under live, online or video supervision
  • Receive the approval of your Educational Director
  • Submit the authorization form to FGNA:


After you receive authorization, while you are enrolled in your training program you will be allowed to offer Functional Integration lessons to the public for compensation, provided that you indicate your trainee status on all promotional and informational materials, and do not use the FGNA service marks in any way that indicates Feldenkrais practitioner status. (See policy here:
Please note: Before graduation, you will need to completed two live (in person) FI lessons under supervision.