Trainee Basic Membership Benefits

Trainee Basic Membership is available to trainees in an accredited Feldenkrais Practioner Training Program. Year 1 & 2 trainees are eligible for this level of membership. Year 3 & 4 trainees may retain this membership level or upgrade to Trainee Full Membership (Regular or Plus).

Benefits of Trainee Basic Membership:

The Feldenkrais Journal
This annual publication offers thought-provoking articles about the Method and its relationship to the world around us. Written and edited by practitioners.
In Touch
In Touch is the monthly newsletter of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America and serves the Guild's membership. In Touch's mission is to foster the competency of our members through communications that educate, guide, and inspire members on topics related to competency

Guild News
Timely news items from the Guild. Published fortnightly.
Articles written by practitioners and students for the public. Stories illustrate various applications of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education. Published monthly.
Region Membership
Connect with colleagues in your region for advanced trainings, regional member meetings, and other events. Many regions publish newsletters, have a regional website, and offer members access to resource libraries.
Discounts on FGNA conference fees.
Leadership Opportunities
Work with your colleagues to shape the future of your professional organization and increase the impact of the Feldenkrais Method. What skills can you bring?

Questions on rates? 
View our membership rates table for a breakdown of all the membership categories with rates and benefits.