Trainer Certification

Trainer and Trainer Candidate Application Process (for practitioners residing in the Americas)

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Application Fees:     Trainer Candidate   $US 500
                                Trainer                    $US 650

  1. Prepare application including items listed in Guidelines for Certification as a Feldenkrais Trainer
  2. Submit application electronically to the NATAB Administrator
  3. After your application has been submitted, you will receive an invoice with payment instructions. Please do not submit payment until you receive an invoice.
  4. Applications will be reviewed in the order they have been received. Trainer Candidate applications will be reviewed by the North American Training Accreditation Board (NATAB) and one other international TAB; and Trainer applications will be reviewed by at least three TABs. Because the applications are reviewed by multiple TABs, the review of Trainer Candidate and Trainer applications usually takes at least 6-12 months. 

Questions? Email NATAB Administrator call 781-876-8935 ext.4