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What's Moving?

Linda Flanders was elected to public office in Goodhue County, MN. She will serve as a County Commissioner in a rural part of the state, as the first female Commissioner in more than 20 years, and only the second woman on the Commission in its 150-year history. Be sure to watch for the December issue of SenseAbility to learn how Linda used her training in the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education to run a successful campaign and chart a course for intelligent actions in local government.  

Bob Schlesinger's newest jazz CD, Brushstrokes, is nearing completion and will be ready for release in December. Bob says, "Besides affecting my 'instrument that plays the instrument,' facilitating my creativity for composing and improv, one thing that I keep returning to is Moshe's idea of 'avowed and unavowed dreams.' It never occurred to me that I might someday be recording with my heroes.  It wasn't on the bucket list. And now, here I am." For more information and sound clips from our favorite jazz pianist (did you hear him at the Boulder conferences in 2009 and 2019?) visit Bob's website