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In Memoriam: Augusta Moore
By Christine Germain and Sonja Sutherland
Augusta Moore was an extraordinary person - - A Professional Ballet Dancer, the Ballet Director at ODC Dance Commons in San Francisco, and a Feldenkrais® practitioner who passed away October 24, 2019, -- the day after World Ballet Day -- after her battle with cancer.
Augusta was such a gifted movement educator. Using humor, anatomy and dance knowledge, she made somatics accessible to dancers and non-dancers in the Bay Area. Movers could take her Feldenkrais® class and then take her ballet class right afterwards. It gave them an opportunity to directly incorporate and integrate the experiential anatomy and embodied awareness they had focused on during her Feldenkrais class into their dancing. Augusta made The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education known to the dance community in the Bay Area who might have never been exposed to it otherwise. Her approach to teaching ballet made her classes inclusive of professional, amateur, as well as injured dancers. One could go to her ballet class, knowing there was time and space to make gentle, precise shifts toward developing a clearer body map of one's self and improve their artistry and biomechanics.
Augusta's wit during class and her non-binary/gender-neutral anatomy mapping made her class inclusive and unique. She left a legacy which provides dancers with incredible skills for self-healing and for developing greater self-respect. 
Augusta Moore was such a gift to the communities she was involved in, and her influence reached way beyond those who knew her! As an exquisite dancer, teacher, and somatic educator, she brought the world of dance and the world of somatics together with simplicity, playfulness, curiosity and grace. The contribution of knowledge she has generously offered is tremendous! We are forever grateful. We will miss you Augusta!
A Memorial Service was held for Augusta at ODC Theater in San Francisco on February 16, 2020. To read more about her, and to watch the video of her Memorial at

Congratulations to Elinor Silverstein and Anastasi Siotas. Their proposals were accepted by the “Movement, Brain, Body, and Cognition” international conference September 3-5, at La Sorbonne, Paris, France. They will bring the Feldenkrais Method and TTouch to the program for neuroscientists. The focus of the conference this year is the gut-brain connection and movement.