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Pilot Project ATM Teacher Training Program 
FGNA Nominations

FGNA Board of Directors has Approved Pilot Project Awareness Through Movement® Teacher Training Programs in North America 

NATAB has recommended, and the FGNA Board of Directors has approved requirements for up to six Pilot Project Awareness Through Movement® Teacher Training Programs in North America, preparing graduates to qualify to become FGNA Certified Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement TeachersCM.
The purpose of these pilot projects is to offer professional training programs that will produce strong, competent and confident ATM® teachers. The training organization is required to state the expected outcomes for trainees, to determine their readiness to graduate, and to use these as a basis for developing the curriculum and the assessment of learning.
There is flexibility in how and by whom the teaching in the training program can be done, with the opportunity for a Trainer to be the Program Director.
Here are some of the specific features:
Time - The training program will take place over a minimum of 18 months for a minimum of 425 hours which, in addition to classroom teaching, can include supervised teaching, online hours, and meeting in small groups.
Late entry - Trainees who have completed the first two years of an accredited Feldenkrais® training program can join, at the Program Director’s discretion.
Individual sessions - Trainees will receive at least three individual (one on one) Awareness Through Movement lessons and three individual Functional Integration® lessons.
Faculty variety - There will be a minimum of four teaching staff, including at least two Trainers.
Supervision - Trainees will receive ongoing supervision and individualized feedback on their ATM teaching throughout the training.
ATM Teacher Authorization during the training program - Trainees will be eligible to start teaching during the program after 200 hours, successfully teaching at least one practicum, and demonstrating a beginning level of competence.
Graduation requirements include:

  • Teaching a minimum of 25 hours of ATM lessons to the public after being authorized to teach ATM as a trainee
  • Teaching at least two complete ATM lessons as formal ATM practicum
  • Meeting the expected outcomes as assessed by the Program Director and the faculty. Teaching a minimum of 25 hours of ATM lessons to the public after being authorized to teach ATM as a trainee

To see the full policy, click here.

Further details for submitting a proposal will be forthcoming.
If you have questions or are interested in submitting a proposal, contact NATAB Chair Bonnie Humiston:

Nominations for FGNA positions
Open Nominations – open to professional members 
• Board of Director Positions – 3QTR 2021 – 3QTR 2023
Director 1
Director 4
Director 6
Canadian Director (Only Canadian members are eligible to cast a vote for this seat)
• Nominating Committee –Jan 1, 2021 – Dec 31, 2023
Seat 1
Please consider paying back the extraordinary, life-changing experience of being part of the Feldenkrais Method® by participating in the decision-making processes of our future.  We need your participation. This is an exciting and challenging time to be part of the FGNA Board of Directors team. The Board of Directors has taken on strong involvement with our FGNA community, strengthening the work of the Ethics and Service Mark Committees, in building connections to other somatic practices for a greater legislative umbrella, making our websites vibrant and cohesive, and connecting members to maintaining sustainable practice. The workload is not over-taxing.  And it's a rewarding experience to be contributing and helping our profession keep its integrity and mission.
 Board of Director Considerations 
  1. Possess good listening skills.
  2. Work as a team player to include the ability to regulate one’s own personal agenda.
  3. Maintain board member profile and speak as a collective voice. 
  4. Basic computer skills, computer, knowledge of Google docs and bandwidth availability. 
  5. Attend online monthly BOD meetings, and additional meetings as called by the Board. 
  6. Attend two face-to-face meetings, for the full duration 
  7. Read all relevant shared documents, comment, and participate in the discussions. Read information and communication updates if not able to attend a meeting. 
  8. Every Board member has individual portfolio projects, to include participation on appointed committees.
  9. The Board will have decisions in the future that may affect this list.
Nominating Committee Considerations
  1. Assist in soliciting and vetting FGNA members for elected positions on the Board of Directors and Committees
  2. Wordsmithing and letter writing skills.
  3. Familiarity with FGNA member profiles and interests
  4. Experience in organizing file systems and yearly tracking of committee correspondence and election planning 
  5. Ability to work independently and collectively
  6. Availability to work under deadline as  Annual Meeting date approaches
If you are interested and have questions or know someone who might be interested, please contact the FGNA Nominating Committee!! 
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Misha Forrester (
Cathy Wright (