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  • FGNA Creates a Legal Fund

    • Friday, August 17, 2018
    • FGNA

    FGNA, our organization, has weathered the decades preserving the Feldenkrais MethodĀ® of somatic education.   With the current legal issues, it has become necessary for our organization to maintain an ongoing Legal Fund. Within the yearly budget, “legal expense” is a standard line item, and most years, it is adequate. Some issues require more money than others, and it is impossible to predict when extraordinary expenses may arise. It is important that we, as an organization, build and maintain a prudent reserve fund exclusively for our legal expenses.

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  • Judge Enters Final Judgement Against Frank Wildman and Feldenkrais Movement Institute

    • Friday, August 10, 2018
    • FGNA

    By: Nancy Haller, President, on behalf of the FGNA Board of Directors   We are a community with Standards of Practice and a Code of Professional Conduct to uphold as individual practitioners and as a collective. 

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  • Just Announced: Conference ATM(R) Teachers & Lessons

    • Friday, July 27, 2018
    • FGNA

    Q: What do Seth Dellinger, Chrish Kresge, Yulia Kriskovets, Uwe Mester, Frederick Schjang, and Aliza Stewart have in common?

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